Monday, October 4, 2010

holy hangover, literally.

well, we made it through september and into the first week of october and i'm here to say we're still standing... and moving forward.

between all the things about to change in our home life and the ministry year kicking off... it's nice to be able to take a breath and tonight i think we finally can.

luke got the privilege of speaking at harvest bible chapel rockford yesterday. he spoke on true satisfaction. the Word was from Isaiah 55 and how we can not be fully satisfied unless we are seeking after the Lord first and then letting everything else come after. he talked about the life lesson learned from his accident and encouraged people to get things right with God before God has to do something big like that to get their attention. He also used this clip which displays the point ever so clearly that by the world's standards you can have everything you think you could ever hope for and yet it doesn't satisfy... only Christ can satisfy everything within us.

then... at high school group he continued the series UPSIDE DOWN in matthew 5:21-26 and talked about forgiveness and how God wants us to worship Him only when we have fully extended the grace to others that he has extended to us. God allowed it to move powerfully among the students and i believe forgiveness will be spread to many because of that message... hearts humbled. Praise Him!

today, i was up early with Carter and I honestly kept thinking of Psalm 118:24, "this is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it." i know why God had put that scripture on my heart. we were able to be part of a lot of great things yesterday and even though the whole day didn't go our way (what day does?!) I was encouraged. Today I had my 34 week appointment and learned that the baby is still breech. the news of this seemed slightly less hopeful than the last appointment in that I was told to schedule my ultrasound for 38 weeks and that if the baby still had not turned that i would have a c-section at 39 weeks.

i don't know if it's growing older or trying to draw closer to Christ on a daily basis or just who i'm married to but i've learned to take both good and bad news extremely calmly. I've learned when a day is said and done... what's the same... God's promises... people are going to fail me, circumstances are going to be hard and frustrating but there is one thing that i can rest on... jesus Christ.

it's easy to say that but when something like this that i didn't expect came so quickly upon me i rushed to the feeling that i allow myself to 'facade' into too often: a mean, hasty looking friend called fear. fear rears it's ugly head in my life a lot. why? because i allow my flesh to trust that rather than God. when i came down to it i realize i'm fearing the unknowns...

but guess what... God knows and regardless if this baby is a c-section or born through 'normal' circumstances... is no surprise to Him. God wants me to trust Him. After how faithfully I saw him Work yesterday and how he faithfully woke me up today... i am choosing to trust him. After all, he's the only one who can satisfy and fully quench my thirst. why would i possibly run to fear or anything that is just going to leave me empty?

that's when a few minutes ago i came across this and it so blessed me.

be blessed... and only be satisfied by Him.

holding on tight to His grip,

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