Sunday, September 26, 2010

easy & cute project.

i'm on the task of doing a big boy room for carter. as a task-oriented person this is both fun & overwhelming. fun when the plans are going well & overwhelming when i don't get enough things checked off my list in a day.

so, when the big boy bed that had finally been put up literally crumbled to the floor when luke was pushing it toward the wall... that was a sad day. ill keep you updated on whether or not that bed makes it to the point of when carter actually sleeps in it. right now: fat chance.

but, when i finally finished the project that i'll show you today... yesterday.. i was happy. it's a cheap, cute, and fun project.

am i the only one who slobbers all over the pottery barn kids catalog when they look through it? i will not judge you if you buy stuff there but for me it's a tad, ok really overpriced. but, i love their style & their stuff. so, i saw this in a kids bedroom... it wasn't too girly (which girly cannot play any role in a little boys room(!)) and i was like i can totally do that myself! (it's the read letters)

so, i went to hobby lobby & bought scrabook paper not totaling more than $5. four plain sheets of cardstock and fun boy paper that coordinated one of the plain colored papers.

at michael's i bought diecut letters in order to trace the letters of READ. these were on clearance for 2.99.

then i went to ikea and bought these frames.. 4 of them... for 2.99 each.. a total steal!

and for carter's new reading area... along with his already monogrammed chair from pottery barn kids (because i truly don't think the chairs too overpriced- he loves it and uses it all the time and it totally wears well) which is also in the reading playroom part. along with lots and lots of books. since my kid loves to 'read' (because at this age it's looking at the pictures) i'm super excited about this part of his room!:)

task complete!:)

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