Sunday, July 18, 2010

right where it belongs.

recently when we were away for a week there had been a really bad storm. people had trees fall on their homes, floods come through, etc. etc. and so when i walked in our home and the only thing that appeared different in our home were the clocks blinking on our appliances i was really thankful. but, when luke carried our luggage upstairs he found that the picture above our bed had fallen - the frame and glass broken. i don't want to be dramatic (especially since this is minute damage compared to many) but God protected us from this falling when we were asleep, i'm truly thankful.

this picture is of our first dance as a married couple (probably about one hour into our marriage. and everyday i look at this picture, it reminds me of the promise that i made to luke. now, this happened just days before our anniversary and so marriage was on my mind; the rolladex of memories that have transpired over the last three years and no less on our wedding day seemed to be all too fresh (in a good way that is:)) and the breaking of this frame reminded me of how very fragile marriage is. there is not a day that goes by that luke and i could make a decision that could painfully wreck what we have. by God's grace we've made it this far and we plan to make it til the day one of us is called home to Jesus. But, i think it's good to be reminded that marriage is fragile when the day to day things can start to add up and annoy the heck out of you. marriage is precious; i never want to forget that.

so yesterday i was at a shower and i was to write a note to the bride. i'm no expert- i believe luke and i are still figuring things out. from what i hear, you never really arrive although that shouldn't excuse trying. so, i wrote to her three things that I recommend for every marriage.

1. plan [cheap] fun date nights every week. luke and i have almost succeeded at this and we have found that the cheapest nights are the most fun.

2. be approachable. when something comes up be the type of person you'd like to approach and listen and talk through things; if not the thing that should be coming up will come up again and usually bigger and worse. (Luke is really great at being approachable, im blessed and trying to learn from him.)

3. serve together. even when your schedule seems too packed and as though you can't fit another thing in - fit in serving. it will refocus your lives on Christ and stir up your passion for the Lord together.

yesterday i picked up my newly framed picture at hobby lobby. it looks better than ever. when i saw it i began smiling and couldn't stop, i realized that the picture that resembles the first dance of my marriage will remain right where it belongs.

3 years later and more in love than ever,

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