Saturday, June 19, 2010

the month of june.

UPDATE: pictures added:)
WARNING: this is long, but shares my heart and an update on life:) hope you'll read and enjoy! can't say i didn't warn you! [i think ill post some pics of these events tomorrow]

here i sit looking at this empty page and wondering just what to write...

june has been exciting, hot, and eventful and yet i haven't posted....hmm.

last year about this time i was just finishing up teaching my first year of 2nd grade after returning eight weeks after carter was born. I am so thankful that I finished out last year, no regrets, but i remember being so worn thin by that point. i got to go on a short getaway with a friend in july by myself and it felt so liberating and yet i missed my responsibilities back home.

this year there was no cleaning up a classroom, saying goodbye to my colleagues and students, and no abc countdown (did i mention i should have never done that?!;)) but instead we began the summer rejuvinated and refreshed. ready to use the summer to minister to the students we love on all year but can't totally have their full attention. i think i have kind of felt guilty to sit in front of our computer while it's beautiful outside and I could be out reading a book or doing yard work or taking a nap with child #2:) but, i like blogging, so i figured i'd catch ya'll up on the mac's life:)

So... some of the highlights of this month have been:
- May 29th - Abby & Tony's wedding- Luke's sister got married & they were our first premarital graduates!

- June 1-3 luke and i vacationed in san diego & coronado where we went on our honeymoon & we had a blast. 3 highlights: we got lost at the zoo, reminiscing about our honeymoon, and our dinner on pacific beach.

-June 4-5 luke in san diego. carter & i get settled for summer:)

- June 6 my family took my parents on the odyessy to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary. it was delicious, had amazing views, and the dancing was super fun to a live band.

- June 11th we had our first meeting with AP Life. A program Luke and I are heading up with some of the senior students of the youth group. It includes reading some great christian books, memorizing scripture, and meeting with couples who are making an impact for jesus!

- carter and I decided to get sick this weekend... my throat hurt so bad i could only text luke to talk. not our best weekend:)

- this week included youth group, six flags, family time, and preparing for what will unfold the rest of this month.

3 more things...

one. reality bites. Luke's car stinks. My parents graciously gave it to me my junior year of high school as a decent used car to get through high school and probably college with. That was in fall of 2002 and it's a 1995. well, it's now 20-10. yep, the car is on it's last leg but we're trying to drag out it's funeral for awhile. this week the brakes went out on luke when he was driving...he had to go through a red light honking the horn. God graciously, let me repeat graciously protected him and he made it to a safe destination. but it was a rude wake up call that we've got to figure out a legit plan for the car. I am so thankful God was gracious to us in that reality and I am glad that car has lasted us this long. needless to say, we're getting a plan together.

two. my childhood chocolate lab died. it's sad. i remember times in high school and college when i felt so lonely and he was there. he loved me and cared even though he couldn't comprehend the circumstance. He warmly greeted us and showed us our love when we first got him by chewing all of our shoes. I remember so many family memories of chasing him and getting yelled at by neighbors because of him and on and on. he will be missed. for now, i'm glad he was put out of the terrible misery he was in.

three. i had a dear cheerleading coach in high school whom i adored. the last time i remember seeing her in person was almost three years ago on our wedding day. sadly, i had to see her this week under more unfortunate circumstances. her son who was a marine passed away while serving our country. my heart and prayers go out to her and her family. I never like funerals but they do put life in perspective. It made me so thankful for Jesus and that he has made a way for us. It made me think of this verse:
2 Corinthians 4:17
For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.

signing off excited for this summer (all it has taught me thus far) and all that it has held and all it will hold. loving jesus is my call,

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meg said...

Kris, thanks for encouraging our hearts. When you wrote, "loving Jesus is my call..." immediately, silly pressures in the day, heart hurts, plans for this and that, etc. started to fade away and the Main ONE came into focus again. love u. megs