Monday, March 8, 2010


My wedding day was truly in the top five best days of my life. no major disappointments that day, seriously i look back at it with utter perfection. but, since that day life has come at us full speed. like super-sonic, no one can stop it ... bring it on going at like fast forward on steroids. do i love it and get energized by it? yes. do i sometimes want to curl up in a ball on my couch? yes. but, i couldn't have been matched with someone better than luke. if you know us... a little bit or even a lot you know that there is not much about luke and i that is alike...
yes, we love God, love family, like serving together, love to laugh, and can talk about virtually everything
he likes law and order, i hate it. i love to dress up, he loves jeans and a shirt he's worn a couple of times already that week. he loves rainbow colors. i love solid brights. he loves modern and sleek and i'm more traditional.

i say this simply because we went to a marriage conference this weekend and the couple that talked a lot did a list like this and you know what? they have been married a long time, know one anothers' flaws and are still IN LOVE with one another.

so... instead of giving you a play by play of the events of the conference i thought i'd be a bit, or maybe A LOT transparent to share some practical ways and thoughts that i'm going to be applying to my marriage.
- let more things go rather than bringing everything up. (profound i know;))
- focus on what is being said, not the way it's being said.
- don't play the 50/50 game (keeping score of what one another does to help- none of YOU do that i'm sure...:))
- giving up the desire for control
- actively working at being the best wife I can be.

Lastly, here's a pic of us on our date night at GingeRoot:)

Cheers to Cherishing my LOVE,

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