Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Honor your mother and father. that's the next commandment. [Exodus 20, Ephesians 6:1-4]

first point: no limitations, just honor them.

secondly, OBEY and do what they say. as long as they're not telling you to sin. God promises a good result.

thirdly, Respect them. this even means that when you talk to your friends about them you show and reflect your love for them.

there are then 4 categories of parents:
1. loves God and is trying to do their best even though they aren't perfect.
2. says a Christian but hypocritical with sin problems.
3. non-Christian. doesn't care and may make fun of you for your faith.
4. done something to you- impossible to love.

if your parent is a non-Christian, you can't hold their behavior against them.
hypocrisy- you can't fix them but you can pray and make sure you don't get drawn into thier patterns.

if your parent falls into category #1 thank God.

Lastly, your heavenly Father is perfect.

I have to say I am thankful for my parents who would fall under category number one. But, I praise God that the students with parents that fall under each of these categories were able to come out Sunday night, hear this message, and by God's grace walk out knowing they have a church that cares for them but more importantly a hope in the future of one day spending eternity with this perfect heavenly father.

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