Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Snow.

Two things I've been thinking about.

1) Snow Globe. Luke and I were given this snow globe when we were first married. I really liked it and have put it out since but didn't know this thing would silence my child and totally surrender his utmost attention this Christmas. You push this button on the back and it lights up and then you wind it up and it sings silent night. Carter LOVES this!!! But, I've been singing the words of silent night to him when it sings the tune and I can't get over these words... "all is calm, all is bright..."
One of the best parts of this Christmas is that I can relate to how Mary felt as a new momma. Now, I know that Mary and I don't have a ton else in common but I will grasp that one commonality. The memory of the night I went into labor with Carter is so vivid to me. But two of the last words that I would relate it to are calm and bright. Nonetheless, I was in a hospital with an epidural. But, that's the awesome reality of that night I think which reflects who Christ is. Which leads me to my second thought.

2) Winter Snow. Have you heard the lyrics? If not, here's a link to you tube where you can listen to them ( Christ could have come in a rushing wind, in a hurricane, in a burning bush... I mean the possibilities are endless but he chose a manger in Bethlehem. It truly makes you think about the humility of Christ in his full glory.

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The Catheys said...

Adelyn loves the snow globe that we have as well, but yours looks even cooler:)

I have never heard that song. Love it! Thanks for sharing! I hope you have a fun time with Carter for his first Christmas. We are excited for Adelyn's:)

Merry Christmas!