Saturday, October 10, 2009

Still Growing...
Haven't you ever wondered what the actors of Hollywood lives' are like? I have. Not gonna lie, I've always wondered if they enjoy driving nice cars, taking limousines to events where people swarm them, being able to purchase anything they want... and the list goes on. But who is honest about this stuff?! This is a book written mostly by Kirk himself. He gives a fresh and upclose perspective of what life was like growing up as a celebrity & heart-throb. He also tells about how Christ got ahold of his life and how he and his wife have practically applied living for Christ to their everyday 'need I say busy with 5 kids' life.

I actually had a chance to meet he and his family this past year & I have to say they are extremely authentic in their faith. Real people living out thier faith... that's what it's about.

This is a definite Reccommendation of a book I've just finished. Any good books you'd recommend that you've read lately?!

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Rochelle said...

I hadn't heard this was out yet, thank you!! :)