Thursday, February 19, 2009

introducing our one & only Carter Jude

Well... Carter made his entrance on January 31st 2009! He was a week early (we like to think we got a bonus week) and raring to get into this world... brief glimpse into 'the night'
- 2.30 am - k wakes up and is having contractions 2-3 min. apart
-3.25 am - l calls the doc and they say to go to the hospital
-3.30 am - k feeling the surreal moment of going to the hospital to have a child (oh my goodness!)
-3.37 am- l calling parents with the phrase ' it's time! we're having a baby today' while k sits in anguish having contractions on our five minute trip to the hospital ha!
-3.55 am - checked in and getting pain meds!!! (HALLELUJAH!)
-7.31 am - Carter Jude born!!!

Praise God for a healthy baby. He is really a good baby that brings a lot of joy as well as AdJuStMeNtS to our life, some of which are...

- well, most nights we wake him up to eat at night, every three hours. so... k gets about the same amount of sleep just in smaller segments?! well, at least he sleeps.
- peace and quiet is treasured instead of expected.
- doing something with two hands is occasional, figuring out how to do things with one hand is more than likely.
- we believe the swaddle me blanket is one of the best inventions ever.
- we find almost everything he does as fascinating... who could know that a 8 lb. wonder could amuse two s?!

Well... if we haven't introduced you yet, we can't wait to introduce you soon.
more to come:)

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